What is Frontal?

Frontal is an ActionScript 3 project capable of create RIA flex-based applications from pure html code; Frontal is in effect an html2flex library.

It has the goal to be the bridge between standard html projects and flex projects.

Why Frontal?

Frontal gives a developer the chance to build RIA apllications without the knowledge of a flex applicaton nature.

It's a swc library which could be integrated very easily into your own flex applications and your frontal application could only be a part of the entire project.

The Frontal project is also a portal project; it enables the possibility to build modular application in a very easy way.


How Works Frontal?

A developer uses Frontal in the front-end part of his application; the server-side can be realized with any server language available.

The Flex project, which makes use of Frontal, receives and parses html response from the server; the Frontal swc then renders the content turning the html tags into flex sdk components.

A portal realized with Frontal, can be enriched with all the style informations of the flex components; the developer is able to apply this information directly in the html code, populating the values of the style attributes.

The interaction with the content is achieved writing ActionScript code into the html code, so taking advantage of all the potentialities of the flex framework, such as strong interactivity with users, effects, browser independency, high user experiences.

Frontal is compiled using the 3.4.1 Flex sdk.

To download the documentation in PDF format click here.