JiFile for Joomla!

JiFile is a component for Joomla! that allows you to index file contents (PDF, DOC, etc..) to perform searches in them.

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JoomPhoto Mobile

JoomPhoto Mobile is a component for Joomla! that allows you to share the photos from your Android device to your site Joomla.

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iFile Framework

IFile is an open source framework written entirely in PHP, allows the indexing of textual content of a document (DOC, PDF, EXCEL, etc.) and a quick search within them.

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Easy Language

Easy Language is a plugin for easy and immediate management of multilingual texts in every possible area of joomla, articles, components, modules, metadata, template, other components(example K2) etc.

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Article Book Effect

Article Book Effect
View Joomla articles with the effect turns the page of a book. This plugin will display the contents of an article in Joomla as a real book or magazine, using all the benefits of HTML5

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Passport photo

Passport photo
The most popular Android app that allows you to print photos cards for your documents with your Android smartphone, in a simple and intuitive way.

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Crazy Shadow

Crazy Shadow
Crazy Shadow is the 3D fast-paced and fun puzzle Android game! Try to rotate and drag shapes in the position of their shadows without fail! Solve in succession all combinations of levels of the game.

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Admin Countdown

Admin Countdown
Module for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x displays in the administration part of the site, a timer with countdown of the time remaining in your session.

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Index File - version 1.2

On August 16, 2013 has been released Version 1.2 of the framework.
Here are the changelog:

  • Feature: Created the adapter to retrieve the contents of the EXIF tags of TIFF files  
  • Feature: Add pdfinfo for linux and windows, for read information fron PDF files
  • Feature: Integrated the ability to define the type of the server at 32 or 64 bit for the XPDF
  • Feature: Integrated the ability to recover the original configuration after editing
  • Feature: Integrated the ability to overwrite the original configuration
  • Feature: Integrated the ability to define a password to read PDF documents protected
  • Feature: Integrated the ability to define a personal XPDF to read PDF documents
  • Feature: Integrated the ability to define a personal "xpdfrc" to configured the XPDF
  • Feature: Integrated in the "Report Check", the list of allowed extensions in iFile for automatic indexing
  • Feature: Added the field "serchablename" of type "UnIndexed" to allow searching on the file name
  • Fixed: Changed the defaults Type to "KEYWORDS" at the field: "extensionfield" to search the documents for type of extension
  • Fixed: Changed the defaults Type to "BINARY" of fields: "name", "path", "filename" for saving the correct path containing special characters
  • Feature: Added in the nella IFileQueryRegistry::setQuery(), the definition of the type of encoding for the search terms, used in the phrase search and wildcard
To download the version 1.2 go to section download.

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Supported file

  • .rtf

  • .mp3

  • .jpg - .jpeg

  • .tiff

  • .doc

  • .docx

  • .xls

  • .xlsx

  • .pptx

  • .ods

  • .odt

  • .pdf

  • .txt

  • .htm - .html

  • .xml