JiFile for Joomla!

JiFile is a component for Joomla! that allows you to index file contents (PDF, DOC, etc..) to perform searches in them.

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JoomPhoto Mobile

JoomPhoto Mobile is a component for Joomla! that allows you to share the photos from your Android device to your site Joomla.

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iFile Framework

IFile is an open source framework written entirely in PHP, allows the indexing of textual content of a document (DOC, PDF, EXCEL, etc.) and a quick search within them.

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Easy Language

Easy Language is a plugin for easy and immediate management of multilingual texts in every possible area of joomla, articles, components, modules, metadata, template, other components(example K2) etc.

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Article Book Effect

Article Book Effect
View Joomla articles with the effect turns the page of a book. This plugin will display the contents of an article in Joomla as a real book or magazine, using all the benefits of HTML5

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Passport photo

Passport photo
The most popular Android app that allows you to print photos cards for your documents with your Android smartphone, in a simple and intuitive way.

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Crazy Shadow

Crazy Shadow
Crazy Shadow is the 3D fast-paced and fun puzzle Android game! Try to rotate and drag shapes in the position of their shadows without fail! Solve in succession all combinations of levels of the game.

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Admin Countdown

Admin Countdown
Module for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x displays in the administration part of the site, a timer with countdown of the time remaining in your session.

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Flex provides the opportunity to enrich applications by introducing visual effects with ease.

The html2flex Frontal library joins this opportunity by declaring an own tag to be inserted in the html content; this tag is called effect and its main attribute is the type attribute; this attribute specifies the type of effect to be delivered.

Here is the list of the possible effects to introduce coded by the attribute type:

wipeLeft : WipeLeft
wipeRight : WipeRight
wipeDown : WipeDown
wipeUp : WipeUp
resize : Resize
move : Move
zoom : Zoom
blur : Blur
fade : Fade
glow : Glow
iris : Iris
rotate : Rotate
tween : Tween
dissolve : Dissolve

In the effect tag it is possible to insert all the attributes which can be assigned to the particular effect created; the effect created can be accessed also with the AS code using the ApplicationContext or the ModuleContext with the getComp method and then applying the methods play, playAll, stop, or directly accessing to the Flex effect instance with the property effect.

<html style="height:100%">

    <body style="height:100%">

        <div style="height:100%;width:100%">

            <effect id="eff" type="resize" duration="2000" />

            <effect id="eff2" type="resize" widthTo="100" duration="2000" targets="inp1,inp2"/>


                    function warn(idInp:String) {

                        var inp : Object = ctx.getComp(idInp);

                        if(inp.width > 30) inp.width = 30;

                        else inp.width = 300;



            <input id="inp1" type="submit" value="Click Me" onClick="warn('inp1')" effect="resizeEffect:eff"/>

            <input id="inp2" type="submit" value="Click Me" onClick="warn('inp2')" effect="resizeEffect:eff"/><br/>

            <input id="inp3" type="submit" value="Resize All" onClick="ctx.getComp('eff2').play()"/>




PHP Classes

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November 2013